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Criminal Connections: Hizbullah’s Global Illicit Financing Activities

Wednesday 3 October 2012

IHS Jane’s

Hizbullah’s use of criminal activity to raise funds, procure arms, and provide logistics is part of the secret to the success of its military and terrorist activities. Matthew Levitt examines the nature and extent of these activities, which have exposed the group to additional law enforcement scrutiny in the United States and abroad. The following is a summary of the full PDF.


Hizbullah’s illicit activities have become even more critical as Iran and Syria deal with internal financial and political turmoil.

Their illicit activities include document fraud, arms and drugs smuggling, money laundering, and the procurement of dual-use items, among other pursuits.

Many countries are reluctant to participate in counterterrorism efforts, but their interests in maintaining law and order provide opportunities to curb these activities.

This article was originally published as part of a study released by IHS Defense, Risk, and Security Consulting in September 2012. Republished with permission. Copyright IHS Global Limited (2012). All rights reserved.


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